Saturday, December 7, 2013

The beauty of nature

It's been a while. I think I'm just too lazy to upload photos. :-)
Some of you guys already saw the pictures on FB. Anyway, here are some pics I took while making those peal shell crazy minnows.
Blanks were cut using table saw, I love this power tool!
Inline image 1
And then come to the shaping step. The more precisely you carved, the less dust you will get from sanding. I definitely hate sanding! 
Inline image 2
But I got to do it :-)
Inline image 3
Then sealed with epoxy, that's 12 hours wait! I have plenty work to do during waiting time, since this time is for pearl shell lures.
Inline image 4
Fun part started by doing diamond cut. The shell is so fragile, it's a good idea to put double-side tape on the back. 
And here is a great video of how to do the diamond cut from Solarfall

Inline image 5 
One trick I use is to cut the shell as light as possible, and break it later with a plier.
Inline image 6
Apply the shell to the lure and coat another layer epoxy ( maybe more layers, depends on how thick you applied)
Inline image 7
Carve the gill plates and give a simple black and white on back and belly. And final coat of epoxy, you are done! Enjoy!
Inline image 8Inline image 9


  1. these are really fantastic looking baits, i wonder how do they swim.

    1. Thanks, Mikko. Here is the swim test video

    2. that's real interesting i might give it a go and try to make one for my self too i bet with some rod action you could make one dance like a dying fish near the surface.

    3. Yeah, go ahead and let me know how this thing works for pike.

  2. Wow great handmade craft, great picture quality really nice post.

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