Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy new year and new site is under construction!

Happy new year folks! I have been working on some website building stuff. Yes, I'm building a new website for my handmade lures! 
The reason is that Chinese government blocked all the social website that they cannot control, including Facebook, blogger, YouTube, etc. Pretty much every site I like.
I have to pay for some VPN service to go around the wall. 
Posting pictures is one of the most inconvenient things under this situation. 
So, I decide to purchase  a domain name and a hosting service to build my own site!
The new site is under construction right now and the domain name will be post here when it's ready.
Here is a new design of the crazy minnow, with a more realistic body shape and gill plates. 
You all have a great year of 2014!
 Inline image 1


  1. Good work, stunning lure that one

  2. Beautiful lure, good luck with your new site, have a new good year

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  4. nice ! where did you get the material and where do life!

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  6. Beautiful lure, has such a nice sheen to it! Will definitely catch fish.