Friday, November 22, 2013

More baits, more painting

Since I love the crazy minnow so much, I've been enjoy making these for days. And I think I have few extra baits other than my self use. 
In order to cover some materials and supplies, I'm trying to sell some. 
Those baits are about 12gram(3/8oz), 11cm(4 1/2 in) without hooks
Foiled gill plates, multi-layers epoxy, absolutely hand made including eyes! Each bait is unique!
Each bait takes about 5 hours excluding drying time, and the price I decided is $50 USD plus shipping. 
Orders of 6 or more get free shipping world-wide!
Feel free to to contact me at
Inline image 1
after: I know I need a better lure display other than my hand :-)
Inline image 2

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