Thursday, June 28, 2012

My mackerel is almost done

I probably need to redo the lure eyes, but the lure body is pretty much done. Here are some pics of this blue mackerel.


  1. you know what the pic you post of this to facebook sometime ago does not do it justice, after seeing the lure from all angles got to say that is on kick ass looking lure. only thing i would have done maybe differently is to have eye color some silvery shade.

  2. Thanks mikko, I know there is something wrong with the eye, but not sure what color to go with, I' try your recommendation on next one.

  3. Another great blog! Fantastic bait! I will stay here for longer :)

    1. Welcome to my blog! Thank you Sylwester!

  4. Looking really good!! Love reading your blog.. Always look forwarder to the next instalment

    Keep up the excellent work
    Regards from England.