Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy-to-get silicone mold release substute

Of course there are better product out there for separating two part silicone mold.
If you do not make silicone mold very often, there is definitely something else you can use.
One of the most common releasing agent would be Vaseline oil. It should work fine on liquid silicone, but it's not a good choice for silicone gel/paste. Trust me:-)

Silicone liquid VS. paste (gel)
1. the silicone paste is much cheaper than the two part liquid.
2. the silicone paste cured much faster, like 10-15 mins, while liquid usually take about 8 hours
3. the liquid is more user-friendly, you can make perfect mold without lots of efforts; the paste requires more skills.

My releasing agent: Elmer's Carpenter's Wood glue 
apply a thin layer of the glue to the area you want with finger, it will dry in a minute to form a thin film.
Since silicone won't stick to most things firmly, you can easily peel off the glue film later.
Here is what it looks like:

Apply a thin layer of glue

 The glue can be easily peeled off
Update: first cast with water
It's so cool, I mean cold. LOL.
The mold captured the details pretty well and I'm happy with that.
I'm still waiting for the resin and microballoons from the mailbox.


  1. I love that mold! It's original to put it in a glass! I will try it at home!


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