Saturday, March 17, 2012

About the LIP

Playing with Lexan is not fun if you don't have a power tool. (Yes, I cut it with handsaw and smooth the edge with sandpaper.)

I randomly come to a Japanese blog and saw an interesting topic about making lip board.

Here is the original link in Japanese:

I don't speak Japanese and Google Translate became stupid when translating Asian language :-)

But pictures talk.
He use fiberglass cloth as a base for reinforcement.
And metal sheet as a flat mold. Spry some release agent onto the metal sheet. The fiberglass board can be easily peeled off.
I haven't try it yet, but I think it is a good way to make lip material.
Lexan is too thick for small lure and it is hard to work with.
The fiberglass sheet is thin, tough, and flexible. It was easy to cut with scissors.
So, what you guys think?

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  1. cool stuff .. now I can make my own .. instead of buying high priced micarta ! and even change the color .. never crossed my mind to make my own ! I will be now, already have epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth! Thank you!